MSP Security – Security Support for Managed Service Providers

MSP Security – Security Support for Managed Service Providers

We don’t take a commission – we make your offering better!

We know what it’s like for a Managed Service Provider. You want to work with virtual CISO services like us to get your product through the door of one of our clients. Your salespeople think this is a great idea because they see us as an extended part of their sales team. The thing is once you get that client you can often end up disappointing them. They then get disappointed with us for the poor recommendation. More importantly, we’re NOT your salespeople! So, Fox Red Risk doesn’t (and won’t) work that way. What we will do, however, is help you improve your offering with our MSP security service.

We get that you’re so busy providing an amazing service to your clients. We get you’re busy focussing on delivering amazing products. We get that this means you may not have the resources in-house to ensure your organisation is secure or the processes to deal with service delivery are where they need to be. We can help! With our MSP security service.

The MSP security service is not just about helping you as an MSP become more secure, it’s also helping you deliver a better outcome to your clients. We are CISOs and so we know what your target audience is looking for. You want better service, better retention. CISOs want products that will make their organisation’s more secure. Let’s face it, retention is significantly more cost-effective than chasing new customers so the more you invest in creating awesome products the better chance of retaining those clients once you have got them through the door. Focus purely on sales and you’ll soon find your business growth is short-lived!

MSP Security – Procurement Headaches

MSP security is a growth engine. It’s essential in building trust to your end clients. With the commoditised world of MSP services available, how are you going to set yourselves apart from the crowd? Let’s look at the first hurdle? Procurement – how does your MSP security compare with your peers?

There is no point in creating something amazing if you can’t get through the procurement process because you have failed to put the correct systems and controls in place. Do you want to lose another pitch to one of the big boys because of something basic? No, you need to engage with us so that we can help improve your MSP security systems and controls.

MSP Security – Ongoing Service Delivery

Once you’re in, how are you going to deal with the constant requests for information? The ongoing due-diligence. Requests for evidence of pen testing and patching? How are you ensuring your clients are using the tool in a way that delivers true value and keeps the client from looking for other options in the market? What about Subject Access Requests under GDPR or dealing with a ransomware incident? All these issues can take you away from delivery so why not let someone more experienced handle all these issues so you can focus purely on delivery – That’s where the Fox Red Risk MSP Security Service can truly add value to your offering!

Why doesn’t Fox Red Risk just take a commission for recommendations?

We know that this is often the model organisations starting out go for. Get an influencer to recommend a product and then reel people in from the surrounding buzz. The thing is, once you have those clients onboard if you then fail to deliver the relati0nship can be pretty short-lived and our reputation is also damaged by association. We have inherited clients unhappy with the service they have received from other vendors and so decided that the short-term incentive of commission goes against what we’re trying to achieve – safe, secure organisations!

Our MSP Security Offering

So you now know we do things differently. We have a value system that means we don’t take a penny in commission for recommending products to our clients but we will work with conscientious MSPs to help them create better offerings and we can always help improve MSP security. Not only can we help deliver improved MSP security we can also help you deliver a better service offering too. We can help through:

  • Client Due-Diligence – Be ready to deliver the answers your clients are looking for!
  • Product Testing – Will it deliver what a security professional or DPO needs?
  • Business Process Optimisation – can you deliver effectively
  • Security Testing – is the offering secure?
  • Organisational Security Consultancy – Is the rest of your organisation secure?
  • Achieving ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 31000
  • Achieving Cyber Essentials

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you reach your true potential then give us a call or get in contact – Contact Us

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