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What is a Virtual BCM Service?

A Virtual BCM or Business Continuity Manager is a managed security service for those organisations that don’t have the headroom to employ a full-time BCM. A vBCM provides business continuity and resilience support to an organisation in the form of a service contract.

In the current climate where disruptive incidents are hitting the headlines on a near-daily basis, Boards and senior management need to have assurance their organisation has mitigated its operational reslience risks.

Why the Fox Red Risk Virtual BCM service?

There are lots of different approaches to Business Continuity Management. Some are more effective than others. What we do is align your organisation to an international standard (such as ISO 22301:2019) and then apply a methodology on top of this standard that focuses on making your organisation inherently resilient. Sure, there are components of traditional business continuity practice that we will still help you navigate. But our methodological approach will mean you spend less time dealing with the aftermath of a disruptive event and more time getting on with what you do best – running your business!

Is a vBCM service expensive?

A virtual BCM managed service model can be surprisingly cost-efficient as compared to an in-house model – even at scale. The key benefits are on-tap expertise, paying only for what you need and reduced operational resilience risk. A vBCM service can also be a good option should you already know you have very little in place and want to get compliant very quickly.

We keep costs low by using a network of expert business continuity consultants which can expand and contract with demand. We then pass those savings on to you. If you are looking for specific expertise we have consultants with specialist knowledge and expertise in the domains of operational resilience, IT DR and crisis management.

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