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The Nightmare [Cyber Attack] before Christmas

We’re now in the period between Halloween and Christmas. The Christmas music is now in the supermarkets (as they’re the only things open at the moment) and people are looking towards cobbling together some semblance of a family get-together subject to the local Coronavirus restrictions. Some people have already put up their decorations whilst others…
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Angkor Wat

Cascading Risk – What can we learn from the economic collapse of Angkor Wat

Now I don’t know about you but, after months of Covid restrictions, there is now little left to watch. Having whistled my way through the entire MCU and the Star Wars nonet during lockdown I found myself flicking through the documentaries looking for something new to watch to decompress after a long day. I’ve avoided…
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UK Test and Trace – How to avoid failing at risk management

The UK Test and Trace system has, again, come under fire for IT Glitches. The latest “glitch” is the manifestation of an obvious data quality risk. The test and trace system is overriding address information provided by student end users with data held in a central source. This issue has occurred because some bright spark…
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Baby Crying

Risk Management – It’s a bit like a hungry baby!

First things first – I am no parenting expert! Up until very recently, I thought that when a baby cries, they need one of four things…cuddles, feeding, nappy change or medical attention. Now it is still true that when a baby cries they most likely need one [or more] of those things. It is also…
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Locard’s Exchange – The Principle every Security Operations Analyst needs to know!

An organisation can have all the security tools in the world. SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, you name it. Ultimately those tools will end up as shelfware if there isn’t a human being looking at the output. Sure, “AI” (or Machine Learning for non-Marketeers) can do a lot of the heavy lifting if properly configured. BUT at some point,…
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Cygnus Coronavirus

Operation CYGNUS – Was the UK’s Coronavirus response a failure based in assumption…?

So much has been discussed about the Tier One Command Post Pandemic planning exercise of 2016. For those who haven’t been part of the discussion, the Public Health England, on behalf of the Department of Health delivered a pandemic planning exercise between 18 to 20 October 2016. The exercise was primarily aimed at assessing high-level…
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Application Security

Application Security – Zoom is a Knife Crime!

The news ebbs and flows and so too do people’s attitudes to the world around them. We are all influenced by the media. Take knife crime. In 2019, knife crime was a significant problem in London. So we should ban knives! Knives are dangerous! Knives should not be used under any circumstances. Why are you…
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Shopping Trolley

Morrisons NOT vicariously liable for employee data protection breach says UK Supreme Court

Firstly – This is legal information of general interest and does not constitute legal advice of any kind. On April 1, 2020, the UK Supreme Court today handed down their judgement in the case of WM Morrisons Supermarkets plc (Appellant) v Various Claimants (Respondent), case UKSC 2018/0213. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Morrisons were not…
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Coronavirus Load balancing – Understand it can’t be stopped. We’re just smoothing the peaks in demand.

Similar to the way your IT teams will be trying very hard to load balance the impact of all your extra remote working VPN connections, the government is trying to load balance the impact on the health service and the economy…keep calm and read on!

calculating risk

Calculating Risk – Where’s your Confidence?!

When helping organisations navigate risk management Fox Red Risk is often faced with the task of determining methods for calculating risk. We prefer to use tried and tested methodologies but what we often find is that organisations, very rarely, are calculating risk properly. A key thing missing from the majority of implementation we see is…
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