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Category: Security Advisory Blog

Morrisons NOT vicariously liable for employee data protection breach says UK Supreme Court
01/04/2020 CISO Blog, DPO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

Firstly – This is legal information of general interest and does not constitute legal advice of any kind. On April 1, 2020, the UK Supreme Court today handed down their judgement in the case of WM Morrisons Supermarkets plc (Appellant) v Various Claimants (Respondent), case UKSC 2018/0213. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Morrisons were not

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Coronavirus Load balancing – Understand it can’t be stopped. We’re just smoothing the peaks in demand.
14/03/2020 CISO Blog, Operational Resilience Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

Similar to the way your IT teams will be trying very hard to load balance the impact of all your extra remote working VPN connections, the government is trying to load balance the impact on the health service and the economy…keep calm and read on!

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Calculating Risk – Where’s your Confidence?!
05/03/2020 CISO Blog, DPO Blog, Operational Resilience Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

When helping organisations navigate risk management Fox Red Risk is often faced with the task of determining methods for calculating risk. We prefer to use tried and tested methodologies but what we often find is that organisations, very rarely, are calculating risk properly. A key thing missing from the majority of implementation we see is

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Virtual CISO – Dispelling the Myths!
22/02/2020 CISO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

The virtual CISO or virtual Chief Information Security Officer is a relatively new concept and with that comes a few misunderstandings of what the client actually gets (i.e. solid cybersecurity protection for your business). The word “virtual” probably doesn’t do us any favours but let’s look at some of the more common misconceptions about a

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Cybersecurity Skills Gap – Who is doing the teaching…and who should provide the funding?
10/02/2020 CISO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

It seems like every other day there is yet another article highlighting the impending apocalypse of the cybersecurity skills gap. The articles often moan that it is the fault of the employer for wanting qualified personal (who knew) and then try to solve the problem essentially with the advice: Why not hire someone who wants

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Asset Discovery for Cybersecurity & Data Protection – You can’t protect it if you don’t know it exists!
03/02/2020 CISO Blog, DPO Blog, Operational Resilience Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

There is an old management adage that what isn’t measured isn’t managed. It’s so true. Something similar applies to cybersecurity. If you don’t know an asset exists, how on earth can you protect that asset from a cyber-attack or data breach?! Asset Discovery is the number one exercise a new CISO (or Virtual CISO) should

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Processor Contract – How Data Processors can inadvertently become Controllers…and why it matters!
27/01/2020 DPO Blog, Operational Resilience Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

For those of you who deal with the wonderful document that is a data processor contract. Whether you’re on the Controller side or the Processor side, you will know there are quite a few hoops to jump through. This is because GDPR strengthened the requirements of a Controller-Processor relationship, outlined in Article 28. That said,

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GDPR Subject Access – why verifying ID can be dangerous!
20/01/2020 DPO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

wrote a few weeks ago discussing how DSAR volumes may have gone up in your organisation and that it’s probably not simply down to the GDPR Subject Access hurdles being lowered for Data Subjects. Since GDPR came into force in May 2018, Data Subjects now don’t have to pay a fee (in most cases). The

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Supply Chain Resilience – Who are your Backup Suppliers?
13/01/2020 CISO Blog, DPO Blog, Operational Resilience Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

Is your supply chain resilience programme reminiscent of the article image? Aged, poorly maintained, complex, hard-to-untangle. Do you carry out due diligence at the beginning of your engagements? More importantly, do you carry out ongoing governance and oversight? Even more importantly, does supply chain resilience form part of your wider operational resilience strategy or business

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SWIFT independent assessment – have you booked yours?
07/01/2020 CISO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

The SWIFT independent assessment regime will kick in later this year. Have you booked in your assessment? If not, Fox Red Risk has some availability to carry out assessments. Remember the SWIFT payments attacks a few years back? As a reminder In 2015 & 2016, a series of cyberattacks using the SWIFT banking network, which

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