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Category: CISO Blog

Calling time on time-based billing – use service-based billing if you want to save £££
24/09/2021 CISO Blog, DPO Blog, Operational Resilience Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

When pitching for consultancy work, many of our clients are [initially] surprised we at Fox Red Risk do not price any of our services based on a daily rate model. It seems the majority of consulting organisations, small and large, price their jobs based on some form of time-based billing. This billing approach may be

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Complexity & Data Subject Access Requests
04/08/2021 CISO Blog, DPO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

According to the 2020/21 ICO annual report, around half of the [46% of ~40k] complaints the regulator receives are related to subject access. Fulfilling DSARs is clearly an area where Data Controllers are facing challenges with data subject satisfaction. In a previous article, I wrote about coping with DSAR volumes, suggesting methods to bring such high numbers

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Colonial Ransomware Attack: It’s time to rethink your backup & restoration strategy.
13/06/2021 CISO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

No doubt, if you’re following the news, you may have seen an uptick in the number of ransomware attacks doing the rounds. There have been quite a few. In particular, the Colonial Pipeline attack. It’s beginning to seem a lot like Groundhog Day! You would think, after seeing how the ransomware attack in January 2020 crippled

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The Black Swan Fallacy: Why a failure of imagination is irrelevant to Resilience Planning
29/03/2021 CISO Blog, Operational Resilience Blog EditoratLarge

Every time there is a major incident, whether it be a global pandemic or a natural disaster. Whether it be an IT Outage or a bout of unseasonably hot or cold weather, the rallying cry of those trying to defend the paucity of their response to the unfolding events is now cliche: “We never thought

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Denial of Suez: What can we learn about risk assessing SPOF?
27/03/2021 CISO Blog, Operational Resilience Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

Single points of failure (SPOF) creep into many business processes. Often unintentionally. Some exist from the outset but were simply not assessed, or were assessed and deemed low risk. That legacy server running a critical piece of code wasn’t legacy at the beginning. That retiring SME, the one who wrote the code, had just started.

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Virtual CISO – Running a Business. Thinking Differently about Security!
22/03/2021 CISO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

It’s Monday morning and I have already been up for a while. I have had a few cups of tea. I have answered a few emails. I have written and submitted a proposal for a new piece of work. It’s a great client too. When I submitted the proposal I had a sense of relief

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Is your Managed SOC starting to smell a bit fruity? Here’s what to do if it is
06/03/2021 CISO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

Remember a couple of years ago (when life was so very different). Remember reaching that point in your security maturity journey where you needed a way of detecting security events without the help of the BBC News letting you know? Remember looking at all those complex SIEM solutions? Remember deciding the time and effort involved

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Brexit Deal and GDPR – Adequacy will follow [shortly]
29/12/2020 CISO Blog, DPO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

The information contained in this article is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter So…it’s here! Despite many saying it was not possible, a free trade deal has been done. Whether it’s a good deal or a bad deal for the UK is yet to

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We need to talk about Information Security Policy…
08/12/2020 CISO Blog, DPO Blog, Operational Resilience Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

I’m sure you’re already well on the way to planning your 2021…what it’s December already? Yup, the annus horribilis that is 2020 is coming to an end. With multiple vaccines in the pipeline, 2021 should [hopefully] be a year where we can get things back to normal. Well, a new normal! Whilst 2020 has placed a number of restrictions

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Ticketmaster Fine – ICO may hold you to PCI-DSS…and most likely Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 too!
19/11/2020 CISO Blog, DPO Blog, Security Advisory Blog EditoratLarge

On an Ominous Friday the 13th, the UK Data Protection Regulator, the ICO, fined Ticketmaster UK Ltd £1.25million for a data protection breach that occurred over 9 weeks in 2018. In an interesting twist, some of the breach occurred pre-GDPR and some occurred post-GDPR. The 7-figure fine reflects the part of the breach that occurred

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